Tulip – Courtesy Post

TulipThe last flower of the season, little Tulip was living outside in the cold weather. She was plucked from the frigid temperatures just in the nick of time, before the temps dropped to below zero. She is now safe, warm and very cozy in a wonderful foster home. Tulip is very friendly with people and loves to come up into laps, she enjoys being read to, running around with feathery toys, scampering up and through furniture and snuggling in warm laps. Her affectionate side is very loving, but she also is independent and enjoys having time to herself in her kitty bed. She is a lounger and a silly goose when she really wants to play. She is a lady of multiple hats and she wears them well. Call or email for information: 847-338-3252 kapoinfo@yahoo.com.

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