Shorty – Courtesy Post

Shorty - Courtesy Post Shorty - Courtesy Post Shorty - Courtesy Post
** ADOPTED 6/27/2017 **

Shorty is a 9-year-old Pit mix in desperate need of a foster home or adoption.  This fellow truly knows the meaning of unconditional love and is ready to prove it to you.

Shorty is a bit petite for a Pit mix, but he has a big heart and loves to show affection.  He enjoys long walks and gnawing on a good bone.  He may be an older gentleman, but Shorty is in tip-top shape!  He can jog along with you for more than a mile, jump twice his height, play fetch in the yard, and still have time to shower his favorite people with kisses.

Shorty is ready retire and spend the rest of his days in the warm home of a forever family.  He has great obedience training and is often used as a demonstration dog in Bark University’s beginner classes.  He is sweet and respectful with children and gets along with other dogs, as long as they are calm and let him be.  Open your heart and your home to this fellow and you will receive his love and gratitude in return.

Please note that this post was published as a courtesy and NOT an official part of the REACH Rescue program.  If you’re interested in meeting this adorable animal, please contact Kseniya at847-338-3252 or

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