Rio – Courtesy Post

RioRio is a playful young boxer mix with a bouncy, spunky personality to match. Rio loves going on walks and listens well when walking in a pack with other dogs in training. Rio has a lot of energy, but he is good and relaxing at all the right times and does like his time to himself as well.

Rio is also very affectionate and goofy. He can’t wait to be part of the right human’s family, but Rio can be stubborn at times and needs a leader that will set good boundaries and rules to make sure he stays on his best behavior.

Rio has been working with a trainer on learning how to share and give up things that he has, such as toys and bones. Although Rio can be overprotective of his food and toys, this is a behavior that can be managed with consistent training and reinforcement.

Rio is a smart pup and needs an active owner who will exercise so that he has a positive outlet to expend his energy. Continued obedience classes will help Rio and his new family bond and help him see the family as a pack that leads him to success. His trainer will prepare his new family with all the information and techniques to help Rio be the family pet he always wanted to be.

Please note that this post was published as a courtesy and NOT an official part of the REACH Rescue program.  If you’re interested in meeting this adorable animal, please contact Kseniya at 847-338-3252 or or complete an adoption application at

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