Brady – Courtesy Post

BradyIf everyone was as eager for the day to begin as Brady is, the world would be a better place. The sheer joy of being outside and in the fresh air is always astounding to him and very pleasing. He loves going on walks and smelling the grand odors of the paws that once trod on the dirt beneath his feet. Brady loves playing fetch and romping around to his hearts delight in open spaces and most of all he enjoys spending time with people that care for him. Brady would make an amazing hiking or camping buddy. He enjoys the car and although he has a lot of energy he understands and appreciates nap time. Brady likes playing with toys and gets along well with dogs that are compatible with his energy. Brady is currently in training classes working on his obedience and manners. He is doing wonderfully and this blossom will soon be ready for its bee.  Brady also participates in pack walks with other dogs that are learning to socialize at a distance and he listens very well on leash. He loves the task as it engages his body and mind. Brady is very intelligent and pick up on cues quickly. He loves to learn.

Please note that this post was published as a courtesy and NOT an official part of the REACH Rescue program.  If you’re interested in meeting this adorable animal, please contact Kseniya at847-338-3252 or or complete an adoption application at

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